About Anna

The Making House is owned and run by Anna C Roebuck, BA hons, MA. Anna returned to her home town, Burton on Trent, in 2010; The Making House is situated in Winshill on ‘the level’, her old route to school all those years ago.

Anna trained in Fine Art Tapestry at Edinburgh College in the 90’s, this was where her fascination with reusing and recycling began. She created installation based artwork using all sorts of mediums from plastic bags and rusty metal to mud and blood. Her work at the time explored the interaction between man and nature.


Since then she’s developed various creative projects from her first business Pulpwork, where recycled paper was used to create mirrors, wall pieces, bowls and vessels to her current business bags2riches which involves the production of lights, artwork and jewellery from recycled plastics bags.


Anna is a trained teacher, gaining her PGCE in 2001 and since then has worked in lots of formal and informal educational settings. She worked for 7 years as a lecturer for Broxtowe College (now Castle College) in Nottingham, teaching various courses to young people and adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Anna completed an MA in Creative Collaborations at Nottingham Trent University in 2008 which allowed her to explore her practise through delivering various art projects; this research culminated in her developing bags2riches her former business as a Fairtrade enterprise.

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  1. I have just bought one of your lovely bracelets( cuffs) from New Brewert Arts in Cirencester.
    I live quite near there so pop in often to see what is there.
    I am really pleased with it. Great combination between alumminium and nature.( Mine has dandelion ‘ clocks’ and seeds.
    My husband said that is really nice when I was wearing it today.
    I am almost 67 but love interesting designs in jewellery, clothing and home decor.
    I am tempted to go back and buy a pair of your earrings and will also continue to look for your work.

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