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Anna Roebuck

Spring at The Making House

January is time to clear out the old So why not come along and recycle it at  The Making House. Our first ‘plastic fantastic’ course of the year is on Sunday 22nd January, so come along and recycle all those  Christmas shopping bags in to vases, cuffs or flowers. Our button box jewellery course is designed for you to create fantastic new jewellery from buttons, broken bits of jewellery and bits and bobs found lurking in pots and drawers. You can also start bringing items for our swishing event in… Read more Spring at The Making House

Anna Offers To Talk Rubbish To Schoolchildren

Great write up in The Burton Mail last night on what I hope to be doing from The Making House , less sure about the picture, but then it’s about the work not me! Published: 26/10/2011 08:00 Artist Anna offers to talk rubbish to schoolchildren  by KATIE BOWLER Katie Bowler, the reporter will also be coming to our Button Box Jewellery workshop on Saturday 5th November to have a go at making some jewellery and find out what The Making House is all about. There are still places left for… Read more Anna Offers To Talk Rubbish To Schoolchildren