Out of Line

Designs by Anna C Roebuck

in Aluminium & Recycled Plastic

Anna has been designing jewellery, lighting and artwork since developing her first business ‘Bags2riches’ in 2001. She is best known for recycling plastics, but enjoys working in a variety of media allowing her to explore her passion for recycling, the environment and illustration in her designs.

‘Out of Line’ grew out of the desire to include illustration in her jewellery designs leading the etched aluminium range and latest hand drawn images on recycled plastic. Ever evolving, her latest designs simply explore the possibilities of colour and form in recycled plastics.

‘Out of Line’ Etched Aluminium

My new product range ‘Out Of Line’ developed out of a project based on Stanton Ironworks in Ilkeston. I loved this project and the pieces that I made and decided there was lots of scope to develop it in to a product.

I’ve created a selection of designs, inspired by nature and industrial heritage.

Recycled Plastic Designs

These latest recycled plastic designs are created using recycled milk bottles and recycled plastic bags and have a 95% recycled content. Anna is well known for her first brand ‘Bags2riches’, established in 2001, creating jewellery jewellery, lighting and artwork from recycled plastic bags. As well as her commercial designs she creates lots of artwork with schools and community groups, promoting environmental issues and recycling in a fun and accessible way.


Melbourne Festival

2017 allowed me to develop a new set of designs and Melbourne Arts festival was my first major show selling my work in quite some time; I’ve subsequently done a number of shows and have been delighted with the response to all my new work and my sculptural designs.

The Lace age

Busy finishing my first set of ‘Metal Lace’ Designs, created as part of my latest jewellery residency, which links to the original ‘Out of Line’ residency: ‘The Metal Age’ The lace industry was another key industry around Ilkeston, (and of course Nottingham) where the residency was based.

Freddie and Grandpa

I intend to make more bespoke pieces using peoples treasured drawings or text, so finally I got chance to experiment with turning those special kids drawings in to jewellery and for me this is most special.

The drawings were done by my nephew (when he was about 6) to remember all the fun times he had with his Grandpa Vic… The picture was so special that I’ve treasured it for years and wanted to make it into a piece of jewellery for my sis. Going to try out a bangle, pendants n keyring next.

I’m more than happy to do one off pieces for people to commemorate special occasions or memories. E.mail me at annaroebuck@gmail.com to discuss what you would like created.


From Nature

Finally I got round to developing an actual product range, inspired by my love of nature; all created from original drawings by Anna Roebuck

The first set of cuff designs; they come in a dark or light etch and cost £20



The pendants at this stage were still in development


The Metal Age

The Metal Age 
Created For Excite, Inspire, Engage Erewash
This has to be one of my favourite projects! It was a commission based on ‘The Metal Age’ and more specifically the history of metal industries in Erewash, particularly Stanton Ironworks. My aim was to celebrate the hidden industrial landscape/infrastucture through the frivolity of jewellery. Along the way the project involved research and workshops at Ormiston Ilkeston Academy, Erewash Museum, The Co-op Department Store Ilkeston (sadly now closed), Erewash Age Concern and an inciteful visit to what remains of Stanton Ironworks.
I was so excited about the cuffs that I’m in the process of creating a whole new range of jewellery ‘Jewellery That Tells a Story’, visit the facebook page to find out more about the work and project.

Casting Manhole Covers

Jewellery That Tells A Story