Bags2riches is a Midlands winner!

Bags2riches is the winner of the Midlands heat of The Lloyds TSB enterprise awards for a start up business.

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This is a national award for entrepreneurs who graduated in the last 5 years from a UK university. The Midlands was the most contested area outside of the South West so we’re delighted to have been chosen as the regional winners. The judges were impressed with our products but also Anna’s understanding of the market and her vision to adapt and grow Bags2riches production and market.

Bags2riches Jewellery is made by a Fair Trade organisation using recycled plastic bags and cans. Anna originally came up with the idea in 2001 and made her creations in the UK but in order to go forward she developed Bags2riches as a Fair Trade product and now works with a Fair Trade organisation in Mumbai, supporting a small group of producers and the rag pickers who collect the bags. To support the development, Anna did an MA in creative collaborations and worked on her business plan at The Hive both through Nottingham Trent University.

The Making House is a showcase for Bags2riches jewellery as well as all the other things that we do.

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