The arrival of Katie Stainer’s Contemporary Papercrafts Exhibition

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Katie Stainer’s fabulous paper creations and pleased to say the gallery looks fantastic, once again it’s been transformed in to a completely different space. Katie’s designed new work for the exhibition which will be exclusive to The Making House for the duration of the exhibition, so get it here first! Here’s a sneeky peek at the new arrivals.

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Katie is a Nottingham based designer maker specialising in unique origami jewellery and home accessories, all made using recycled and reclaimed paper. As a child Katie was fascinated by books, stories and papers, and during her time at University this interest developed into a passion. Katie graduated in 2011 with a BA(Hons) in Decorative Arts specialising in paper manipulation, and continues to create unique pieces of wearable art and sculpture using found books and papers.

Katie’s been really busy developing work for the exhibition and unlike me is good at recording the progress on her blog so it’s worth checking it out for more of an insight in to what she does. Here are a few excerpts:

“If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll probably have noticed that i’ve spent the last few weeks in the run-up to The Making House Exhibition buried under a mountain of paper! The studio is brimming with exciting vintage ephemera and there isn’t a single flat surface that isn’t occupied by collages, drawings, papers, book sculptures and jewellery! Despite the lack of surface space my new bookshelf still has plenty of room, which means I enjoyed a weekend of book hunting and came home with some beautiful treasure, including some girls annuals from the 50s and this gorgeous illustrated copy of Alice in Wonderland.”

“As a habitual panicker I expected 100 things to go wrong but in less than two and a half hours the space had really come together and the work spoke for itself 🙂 My hard work over the last few months has definitely paid off! On Friday i’ll be putting up a few finishing touches and then its time for the Preview Evening! With lots of people travelling over from Nottingham and the promise of wine, nibbles and a chance to talk to me about my work, its going to be a great event!”

The exhibition will run until 21st July and if you can’t make the Preview Evening but would like to know more about paper as a creative medium you can always take part in Katie’s Origami and Vintage Paper Collage Workshop on Saturday 14th July!”

We hope you can make it along to the preview evening or drop by on a Friday or Saturday to see the exhibition if you can’t make it. We both looking forward to seeing you at The Making House! 🙂

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