Is Michele McDonald ‘AirBrained’ or just got hares on the brain?!

 I’m really looking forward to our next exhibition; ‘Hare Brained’ by Michele McDonald, Mixed Media Artist.

The exhibition starts on 16th August  but the hares have started arriving already.

You can meet Michele and her hares at our event on Saturday 17th August from 6.30 until 9pm  join us for a drink, a chat and some gourmet carrots!

Michele’s enthusiasm and love of what she does comes through in her work and her original statement sums it up perfectly:

“I‘m not totally obsessed with hares…well maybe a little! I’ve argued with myself that I should focus on one style as other artists often tend to do. Then my eyes behold another creative technique which has me all a twitter with excitement and the need to experiment becomes unbearable. So for this exhibition I came to the conclusion ‘why not combine my love of hares with my love of creativity…hare brained’ “




But I’m nosy and wanted to find out more!! So she explained further:

“I’m not quite sure how I came to the decision of theming the exhibition on hares, but there was a gradual, frustrating process which got me there in the end.

Although I love hares, I love most creatures, oh except, spiders, sharks and crocodiles, they are nasty scary devils.

On the lead up to finally commencing work for the exhibition, I had been going around in circles and experimenting with different techniques. Loving some results and hating others and often stumbling on postive results through happy accidents. After attending a creative networking session with my partner Kev, it was suggested that I stopped beating myself up about getting a particular style or using a particular medium and just choose a theme and create lots of different things based around it in a range of materials and styles. I suppose if I have a style it is freedom… freedom to work to no particular style with no labelled boundaries, you know what I mean? That’s a Pollock, that’s a Monet. I just want to create and hope that people enjoy what I create, in whatever style, as much as I enjoy the act of creating it.

I am an experimental artist and a creative anorak, often driving family and friends insane with my arty distractions. I love to soak up and be inspired by fellow creatives as well as the world around me to develop my own work using what I’ve seen, often in a quirky way. This can be scribbling with wire, printing words to form a picture with an address printer, dripping coffee down a lovely blank canvas then scribbling on it or even doodling… doodling is fun and I often blast instagram or my social media walls with silly doodle puns or doodle quizzes that spring into my addled brain! My airbrain…so there you have it! Hare brained created by a airbrain! I chose hares as the common link as there is something illusive, quirky, endearing and a little bit sorrowful about them, just like me!

I hope you enjoy my creations, they are the results of a restless creative airbrained mind …. enjoy!”


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