A crazy busy December – Craft Club

Thank goodness it’s January! December is always a busy month for crafters with making and selling, but for me Dec 2013 was crazy busy with barely enough time to breath.


I’ve decided it’s too much for one post, so first up our craft club escapades

At The Making House we did various Christmas themed Craft Club sessions. A couple of my Craft Club faithfuls Cathy and Julia, took charge of the Christmas window; we had snow and snowflakes thanks to Cathy, (I did get rather excited about the snow, had i been left in charge there may well have been snow everywhere!), we created a tree from various bits of upcycled wood and then added a selection of recycled decorations as well as some of the handmade gifts we sell.

I shared my recycled plastics technique with  our craft clubbers and they created lanterns. The following week, as i rushed off to the next project, I left them with a bag of fabrics to recycle in to wreaths. I think we did a few other things, but have lost track!


Craft club, is every Friday from 10.30am until 1pm, it costs £5 and includes refreshments and cake. It’s all about sharing ideas and so we try out lots of different crafts.


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