A Right Royal Extravaganza

Jubilee Garden party

This was a great project designed to celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, (I loved it and am still really proud of what we produced). As usual i didn’t want to do the obvious, so I focused on the idea of a garden party, since The Queen regularly wears hats for Royal Visits I decided to make this a key part of the project, so the hats represent the queen, or also guests at the garden party.

The whole school got involved and created the table settings, cupcakes and teacups. I then worked with a year 2 class and gardening group to create the hats and the jewels for the crown. There were some tricky moments devising the crown structure, but with a little help from a friend I got there.

The piece was designed to be exhibited at Rufford Craft centre as part of their celebratory exhibition ‘A Right Royal Extravaganza’, which as a whole was a wonderful display of colour, frivolity and fun. The pieces then went back to the school, creating a garden installation, so the hats were designed to become decorative planters.


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