Desert Island on Tour for The Kitten Pyramid Circus, Burton on Trent

Desert Island on Tour for The Kitten Pyramid Circus, Burton on Trent
Our long term goal with the island is to take it on tour so when Kitten Pyramid decided to hold their ‘Circus’, bringing together different art forms and music, to support their gig at The Brewhouse Arts Centre we saw this as a great opportunity to test the island out within a town setting.
We set up our Desert Island within Burton market square; a colourful oasis appearing from nowhere. We wanted to keep the workshops simple, so asked passers by to write down for us what they would take on a desert island. For the eager we asked them all about what would they find there, from sights, smells to what they would eat. The kids drew some lovely pictures of the sorts of animals they would find… and lots of treasure maps!
Overall this has been an amazing experience and we have had some fantastic feedback.
Some of the comments we received:
‘What an amazing use of recycled materials’
‘A fantastic Eye Catching display, we had to come over to see what it was about’
And as Tracey said; ‘Every time we put it up I cant help but feel an immense sense of pride which lasts for days’.

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