On Route To The Ocean

The fish were created out of recycled plastics for The Trash To Treasure Project and all lit up for Nottingham Light Night. Thanks to Nottingham City Council for funding this project.

The aim of the installation was to draw attention to environmental issues in a fun and accessible way; our fish are on route to the Giant Plastic Garbage Patch in the Ocean, but for now our recyling has kept them upstream.

I’m really pleased with how the fish turned out; there were a few big learning curves along the way, in particular, how to battle with giant fish in strong winds!

Thank you to Tracey Parr for working with me on the project and install, despite being ill; the ‘bighty’ fish idea was a great addition!


It was a full on couple of weeks of making, but the end results were worth it.

Thanks to craft club for helping with the orange fish and mini fishes (although time eluded me and these are still to be finished) and to Rico for putting up with me and doing an awesome bit of weaving!

On Tour

The fish have been swimming around; first going to Wollaton library in Nottingham, a stay in our window, they then went to Congleton Alternative Art Fair for the weekend and are soon to go to New Mills Art Trail.

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