Recycled Poppies for ‘Future Fields’, Rufford Craft Centre

Recycled Poppies for ‘Future Fields’, Rufford Craft Centre
I was commissioned by Rufford Craft Centre to work with a Young Parents group in Mansfield to create a series of poppies using recycled plastics for their exhibition ‘Future Fields’; based, of course, around World War 1 but with the idea of looking to the future.
I chose to create white poppies to represent peace whilst still being respectful of all those who have fought and the many who lost their lives in World War 1 and subsequent wars. As I studied and did sketches of poppies i realised what I loved was the delicacy of them; as they aged their petals reminded me of billowing dresses dancing in the wind. The delicacy seemed poignant in representing a fragile peace. The process of using fire to create the wire poppy seed heads a reminder of the destruction and the human and envrionmental damage caused by war.

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