The Metal Age

The Metal Age 
Created For Excite, Inspire, Engage Erewash
This has to be one of my favourite projects! It was a commission based on ‘The Metal Age’ and more specifically the history of metal industries in Erewash, particularly Stanton Ironworks. My aim was to celebrate the hidden industrial landscape/infrastucture through the frivolity of jewellery. Along the way the project involved research and workshops at Ormiston Ilkeston Academy, Erewash Museum, The Co-op Department Store Ilkeston (sadly now closed), Erewash Age Concern and an inciteful visit to what remains of Stanton Ironworks.
I was so excited about the cuffs that I’m in the process of creating a whole new range of jewellery ‘Jewellery That Tells a Story’, visit the facebook page to find out more about the work and project.
Casting Manhole Covers


Faces Through Time


Blast Brooches

Jewellery That Tells A Story



  1. Hi Anna, good to see you’re still being productive in your unique style, which i’ve always admired. Unfortunately i don’t very often buy online, i prefer to buy most things that i can see and touch physically, i suppose i need to move along with the times like you obviously have. I always liked buying from your little shop,unfortunately not enough other people did, i like to buy presents for people that are different to the usual items stacked on the shelves,that you can see everywhere.Good luck in the direction you are moving towards,i’m sure it will work out well for, you certainly have the energy, take care Bert xx

    • Hi Bert, good to hear from you and thanks so much for your support whilst the shop was open. Things are moving on nicely and workshops taking off, but most importantly it’s good to be back to making some of my own work again! As it happens, I’m thinking i’ll have an open day to launch the website …the plan at present is Sat 28th Jan/4th Feb! Thanks and same to you. Anna xx

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