Educational opportunities for schools, community groups and colleges.

Anna Roebuck BA(Hons)Fine Art Textiles, MA Creative Collaborations, PGCE

I have vast experience of working in all sorts of informal and formal educational setting and worked for many years in Further Education specialising in alternative curriculum. I’m confident in developing projects suitable for all ages and abilities.

I enjoy creating artworks in collaboration with different community groups; my intention is to broaden people’s creative ideas and experience whilst encouraging them to explore the environmental challenges we face.

I deliver workshops in a variety of recycled mediums, eg. paper, plastic, cans and metal. Plastic fusion is a technique that I’ve developed over the last 12 years and I’m happy to share the basics of this fun and versatile technique through a variety of projects.

 My practise and projects are quite diverse and include:

–   2-D illustrative panels

–   Sculptural pieces formed using recycled plastics and mixed media

–   Recycled jewellery

–  Enterprise projects

–   Exploring global sustainability, poverty and international trade through craft. (Most recently I have been working on developing bags2riches as a fair-trade product with an organisation in Mumbai, India)

I have also delivered various talks about recycling and sustainability; most recently delivering a talk for Nottingham Trent University around motivational strategies for developing a business.

Please view our projects page for more details on some of my projects, or check out some of the blog posts such as A Royal Garden Party

Artsists Fee

My artists fee is based on the arts council’s recommended artists rate. It varies dependent on the amount of preparation time  involved, technique used, length of project, contact time, installation time, mutual benefits, (ie. Do I get to explore new ideas whilst working with you)  but as a guide:

£100—£150 per day for non contact time (ie. design/project development, administration/evaluation, preparation, manufacture, installation)

£180 —£250 per day for contact delivery

Installation and construction costs  are dependent on materials used and design

Core material costs are minimal  (approx £10 – £30) as the core resource is recycled, I expect the recycling element to be taken on as a key part of the project by whoever I’m working with.

Travel costs are on standard mileage

Accommodation, if needed, to be arranged by project organisers

Please e.mail me for further details  or feel free to give me a call and chat through any ideas that you have or any queries, I look forward to hearing from you.


T: 07870 995843

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