Fancy hearing me talk a load of rubbish?!

I deliver talks and lectures to all sorts of groups.

My talks are based on the 15 years I’ve been developing Bags2riches: I talks about how I’ve developed my business around the principles of recycling and Fair Trade. I have a BA(hons) Fine Art Textiles and MA in Creative Collaborations and many years of experience working as a freelance artist.

A typical 45 minute talk covers:

– A little about recycling and specifically plastic waste and why we should recycle

– How my work has developed over the years and a hint at the techniques involved

– How I go about working collaboratively with community and school projects to promote recycling and good environmental practise

– The principals of Fair Trade and why Anna now works with a Fair Trade organisation in India to produce Bags2riches jewellery.

– finishing off with a fun demonstration where I create a simple plastic bag flower.

If a digital projector is available, that’s great, but if not I’ll bring along plenty of samples to show alongside the talk.

To view bags2riches products check out our bags2riches link

To see some of the recycled projects Anna has delivered please visit our projects page

Alderwasley Luncheon Club

Everyone is always very welcoming when I arrive to give a talk and they’re always fun and enjoyable, but I have to say Alderwasley Village Hall was the  most stunning venue that I’ve ever turned up to. The original structure of the hall was 13th century, refurbished in the time of Henry VII and more recently made good thanks to a heritage lottery grant. It was stunning, the food was amazing and the audience were very appreciative of my talk. Grace Mills joined me for a weeks work experience, so I was lucky to have her with me for the talk as my lovely assistant and photographer.

I have lots of experience giving talks to all sort of groups; from University students to Women’s Institutes. I have an informal presentation style, but the content is professional, well researched and comes from over 16 years experience of working in sustainable art and design. I talk about recycling, fair trade and design development as i take you along the journey of how Bags2riches has developed over the last 16 years.

Mini recycling sessions

I can also deliver a variety of 40 minute recycling taster sessions, eg. recycled flowers, recycled Xmas decorations with a brief 15 minute introduction to my art practise, recycling and Bags2riches.

For Schools, Colleges and  Universities i have delivered talks and lectures about my experiences of developing a creative enterprise, sustainable design and Fair Trade. I have a broad knowledge of sustainable art and design and am happy to lecture on this, enterprise, Fair Trade and community driven collaborative art projects.


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Contact me for more details on


T: 07870 995843


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