Anna’s pharmacy

Hard to believe it’s over a year since I bought the pharmacy. Since then lots has been going on: loads of building alterations have been done,  big thanks to Dom Dillon for transforming the place; gallons of paint have been applied with help from Martin, Raf, Paul and Jo; some emergency weeding was done with Rola and James; a few wasp stings were encountered, thankfully Roger was there to rescue me and sort out the wasps demise;  lots of recycling done already as I’ve reused all the old shop fittings, including my new workbenches which are being reconstructed by Mick; sad to see the lovely old wall paper go, but it’s saved for some jewellery ideas in the future; some great finds in the loft, including the newspaper from when it was built, some busts from it’s original incarnation as a drapery shop, and an old tin bath (now containing my strawberry plants)…… but still loads to do before the grand opening!



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