Bank Holiday at Alford Crafts Market

Wow… I spent a seriously hectic, full on but fun Bank holiday weekend at Alford Crafts Market. Set off for Alford at 5.30 am and was treated to a glorious sun rise as I headed towards Nottingham, (I guess that’s probably quite common but I’m not usually up to see it!); nice empty roads so  I was there in no time. Alford and The Manor House made a lovely setting for the crafts market and there was lots of things for people to do and see at the event. For my part, Sunday was spent enabling people young and old to make recycled handmade paper flags, I think we must have made 100 flags at least. Determined to make to the coast afterwards, I found the most remote bit i could and even got to see a seal, did wonder whether tiredness was causing me to imagine it, but then spotted it again wallowing around on the beach, great! Then, from remote coast to the arcades and lights of Skegness and then some fine fish and chips and a glass of wine whilst visiting my friend Lisa and her newly arrived baby Elsie May. Didn’t take long to get to sleep! Monday proved just as hectic, recycled plastic bags, vases and pictures the creations of the day; people came up with all sorts of great designs from flowers to the tardis, barely enough time to breath let alone take photo’s! The only down…the drive home with all the holiday traffic was much less enjoyable and much, much slower than than the outward journey.

I plan to be running paper making events from The Making House in Autumn.

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