First Workshops

Delivered my first workshop at The Making House yesterday. Returned to Abbot Beyne, my old school for the first time in, (hmmm, can it really be that long ago?), 22 years to deliver a plastic recycling workshop with a group of year 9 students. Most of the lads were a little suspicious at first, but in the end we had a busy and good session, where everyone managed to make something to take home with them as well as trying to get home the reasons for reducing plastic waste. My first series of school workshops is with a small group of girls from The Beyne to do a jewellery making and enterprise project, a very promising start where they did and made a lot more than I expected, by the end of the session they’d got the hang of some basic wire techniques.


  1. Hello there!
    I left a message on your facebook page a while ago. I am a local artist and have a teaching qualification in art and design. If you ever need an assistant to help you out at these schools I am more than willing to do it (I don’t want any money for it). I need to keep my teaching skills fresh as it’s something I love doing. I am on the BES and they have told me I should do something voluntary in school whether it be murals or some type of crafts. I guess it’s all good exposure in starting up a business, as well as doing something for the community. I will try and come tomorrow (saturday) and talk to you then! Best Wishes, Serena

  2. Looking forward to receiving details of when your first workshops are – you mentioned when I called in on Sat 8th you’d be doing one on silver jewellery, and would be very intersted in that.
    Valerie Burton

  3. Proud to be associated with such an original and creative enterprise….astonished at how quickly everything finally came together and at how beatifully finished everyting looks….Winshill and Burton have gained a real asset here…..The Making House, given time, will establish itself as THE place to be to study and enjoy making useful and beautiful things out of waste materials….given the cost of accessories these days, a morning spent making a beautiful, intricately decorated, totally original handbag, for example, would more than cover the cost of a session with Anna…..GET DOWN THERE NOW!!!!!!!!!

    big bro (from a v hot Abu Dhabi)

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