The One Show

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I can now say that according to The One Show, I’m a fabulous designer!

After all the excitement of setting up The Making House I’d begun to forget that my main business is bags2riches, anyway whilst putting together orders, I got  a call from The One Show to see if I could send them some work to be on the show, so rushed around and sent them a box full of lights and jewellery. My jewellery looked good and the presenter seemed to be impressed with my Bubblicious cuff, but it was a little overshadowed by the fabulous Sainsburies dress. It was an interesting feature and talked about how plastic bag use has now gone back up; Wales has taken the lead and put a levvy on plastic bags, for the rest of the country the government has put the responsibility on retailers to see what they do, hmmm probably not that much! So… reduce and reuse, recycle and send me your bags or come along to one of my courses and learn how to recycle them for yourselves.

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