Burton WiRE Talk and Workshop

Burton WiRE MeetingI gave my first talk in Burton to the newly established Burton WiRE  group, (WiRE stands for Women in Rural Enterprise). I felt very pleased but also nervous about delivering the first talk to WiRE, I wanted to get across the journey that Bags2riches has taken me on and how in part you have to be as creative with your approach to business as with the actual product. Determination and adapting to the environment is what keeps the business developing. I’m not sure that I got this across, but we did then have a chance to network in a fun and relaxed manor as everyone had a go at  making some Button box jewellery.

Photograph by Joanne Cooper of http://www.joannecooper.biz

The meeting was really useful and in one session I already made some important contacts, the next meeting is on Wednesday 9th November, I’ll be there!

WiRE Burton is organised by

Karen Kirby, (E: karenkirby@greenshoot.co.uk) a business and management advisor and

Joelle Harris, a textile and jewellery designer, she delivers jewellery workshops from The Brewhouse  and since our meeting at WiRE is planning to do some Sewing Workshops at The MAking House in the New Year. (Joelle’s Newsletter http://eepurl.com/gBnV9   joelleharris@live.com)

Come and join our business networking meeting in Burton-on-Trent which will help you Grow Your Business. Be amongst a positive group of women, meet new people and gain new knowledge to keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

We know how important networking with like-minded business women is and we know how these networks can improve your skills, boost your confidence and bring you new business.

WiRE Networks provide the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas, expertise and generate business growth through referrals. Getting involved in your local WiRE network is a good business decision and an investment for your business, your future, your local economy and community

WiRE is unique in its approach to business help, invaluable to all rural women in business at any stage, from the established or growing business, to new or potential businesses.


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