PINT Swans

As a joint project between PINT, Burton’s first Arts Festival and The Making House we’re planning a mass invasion of origami swans in Burton town centre on November 19th towards the end of  PINT, Burton’s first contemporary arts festival, but for this we need a mass of swans, so need your help! We’ll be doing various drop in events around town and at PINT events, but you can also make them at home and drop them off to The Making House or post to us (50 Bearwood Hill Road, Winshill, Burton DE15 0JR).

The Making House PInt Arts Festival swan


You might also want to leave the occasional swan in strategic places around Burton, hopefully people will pick them up and wonder what they’re about. Once you’ve mastered it, you could go big… could make and share the word…. in the pub, the cafe, watching tv… us pics to upload of where you’re swans have got to

 You can find different templates at  or feel free to come up with your own version of an origami swan. Feel free to decorate but please include the PINT ( and Making House ( websites on your swan.

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