Great British Sewing Bee Blog Post by Joelle Harris

Great British Sewing Bee Blog Post by Joelle Harris

 The first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee was on BBC2 on Tuesday evening.  Did you see it?  If not, you missed a treat, 8 amateur sewers competing to be Britain’s best.  It was great to see men sewing too, I love Mark’s attitude and his Steam punk costumes are great.

Will the great British Sewing Bee do for Dressmaking what the Great British Bake Off has done for home baking?

I’m not sure.  There is definitely a resurgence of dressmaking, particularly among younger people.  There is a backlash against cheap throw away clothing and more interest in taking care of what we wear.


‘It’s something we can all do’

The Great British Sewing Bee does raise awareness of the traditional craft of dressmaking, and show people that it is something we can all do, with a little bit of learning and lots of practice. Would you like to be able to mend things and sew a button back on rather than throwing perfectly good clothes away? You might not have time to dedicate to making a fitted dress like the final challenge on the 1st programme, but you can still learn some basics that will enable you to mend and alter your clothes and make more simple clothing.  Like icing a cup cake, it does take a bit of practice to get confident.

It is fun to spend time learning some of the basic skills at a workshop, this really helps to build your confidence, you can share ideas with like minded people and go home proudly with what you have made on the day.

We have a full day Basic Sewing Machine Skills workshop on 8th June where we will tackle zips and button holes.  For those who want to be creative with the sewing machine we have the Machine Embroidery day on 11th May.

Why not book now, for a day of fun and learning? For more details on Joelle’s courses visit our workshops page. To hear more about Joelle’s thoughts on sewing, upcycling and wardrobe decluttering visit her blog

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