Sometimes I Need to Escape by David Booth

We are very grateful to David Booth for creating this fantastic window installation for us. David spent 150 hours creating ‘Pub Crawl’ from 100,000 Marston’s beermats for the PINT Arts Festival at The Brewhouse Arts Centre. The installtion is now on the move most of the piece has now been installed at 107 Station Street, but he liberated a few beer mats and created ‘Sometimes I Need to Escape’ for The MAking House window. For me, his sculptures work on different levels, it’s completely engaging and beautiful to look at and clearly relates to Burton’s Brewing history, I love the idea of the pieces escaping and hope more will escape and continue to tour and intrigue people in Burton and beyond.


David says of his work:

“My work is associated with phenomenology, exploring and expressing feelings. Phenomenology includes any object, situation, experience or event that a person can see, touch, feel, know, understand, or live through which informs how I choose to express and explore. Incorporating and acknowledging Merleau-Ponty’s philosophy that perception is the foundational role in understanding and engaging with the world. With the aesthetic of organic movement, fluidity, repetition, layers and the philosophy of emergence in the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions; exploiting organic variance within an overall apparent repetition, selecting and discarding chance driven elements using wayward systems to create the whole. I am interested in providing a visual aesthetic and context within the work with deliberate choice of materials and process that will engage the viewer to find an empathetic response.”

David works both as a painter and sculptor which, he says, feeds his creativity and ensures that he is constantly challenging himself and watching for elements that he can exploit in either area

” To be able to react and use my experimentation in either medium ensures that I  can strive to produce work with an original voice”.

For more details about Davids work visit

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Pictures from The Brewhouse Arts Centre; courtesy of Alistair Kennedy and PINT Contemporary Arts Festival


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