Upcycled Lampshades with Lucy Renshaw

As you know we like recycling and a while back I bought ‘Mixed Media and Found Materials’ an inspiring book by Lucy Renshaw full of quirky ideas and bright colours, just my kind of thing! So I’m really pleased she’s going to do a workshop for us.

I thought I’d ask Lucy a few question’s about her work, as what she does is so unique.
Here’s what she said:
What Got you started?
“I’ve always been ‘crafty’ but my 2 years masters at the RCA lead me to working in interiors and furniture design. I studied mixed media textiles there and specialised in textiles for interior”


What has been your proudest work moment?
“Being approached by Liberty London to create lighting with their fabrics.
Being commissioned to write my book ‘Mixed Media and Found Materials’- I’d never have dreamt of doing that, but I couldn’t turn it down!”


What sort of things are you working on at the moment?
“I have fingers in all sorts of pies at the moment! I tutor and lecture at Nottingham Trent University, running a Interior Design Course. I work on all sorts of commissions from lighting to soft furnishing projects and much more.”


What will people get out of the course?
“They will be inspired with a huge range of fabrics, and haberdashery goodies to create a truly unique lampshade. They will learn about colour schemes, working with texture and a variety of techniques, they will feel confident and inspired and have the knowledge to make more at home! A lot of people are scared of colour, so don’t be put off by my flamboyant designs…my workshops provide a range of fabrics in any pallet!”



Craft Clubs First Attempts


Inspired by Lucy’s book, earlier in the year we decided to have a go at upcycling some lampshades in craft club. As is generally the case at craft club, we introduce an idea and everyone takes it off in their own direction; from Emma’s dainty white table lamp, Melanie’s precise cut outs, Karen’s buttons and sewing pattern shade to my rusty metal construction.


Craft Club is every Friday from 10.30am -1pm, £5 including refreshments.

We enjoyed this, but help from an expert would be good, as ours were a little rough and ready, so it’s great to have Lucy along to show us some more specific techniques.



Personally I love Lucy’s bright colourful style, as you may guess from my bead lampshade, but colour isn’t for everyone!


What we try to encourage here with our workshops and craft club is the idea that you learn a technique but make it your own, rather than recreating something someone else has made. Your shade could use much more subtle colours, different fabrics; you could try mixing in techniques you already use or have learned at another workshop and of course adorn your shade with anything that takes your fancy; you could bring along a special piece of fabric that means something to you and convert it in to something that everyone will admire! Lucy will be on hand to support you with your creativity as well as sharing some of her expertise.

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