Getting Autumnal with Craft Club

We love Autumn with it’s beautiful colours, the chill in the air, walks through the leaves, soup, bonfires …

… Craft Club have been getting inspired and creating Autumnal themed work for our window.

I think we’ve celebrated the season in style!



Most people who know me know I’m not a big fan of bunting, but when we do something then we do it! 

Craft Club embarked upon creating Autumnal bunting using applique, machine embroidery and machine felting techniques. They did a  fantastic job creating something a little bit different from the norm.



We thoroughly enjoyed creating the Autumnal wreaths and lampshades using ivy.

They were so simple to create, but really effective and make a great display in the window.


Then Pat and Jo, from craft club turned up with a bag of conkers just to finish it off.

Personally, I think they were just looking for an excuse to go conkering and be kids again!

The trail of conkers does look fab and the conker ring stands are perfect!




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