Lockerhooking with Lynda

Lynda Kinnard of Rebellious Rags is back with us this Saturday

We have a special offer price of £45 for the Lockerhooking course this Saturday

(25th October) from 10am until 4pm.

Lockerhooking is a specific rag rug technique as shown below; it has a lovely tight tidy finish.

Rag rugging uses recycled fabrics, you can use almost anything, as long as you can cut it into lengths. So why not dig out your old fabrics, T.shirts and jumpers and create something beautiful with them!

Book here and choose the special offer price: Lockerhooking Workshop



Rag rugs and cushions do obviously take a while to do, but they’re very much worth it in the end; they’re very hardwearing and this particular technique has a lovely tidy finish. Lynda will give you all the advice needed to successfully complete a project. However, if you want something quick and easy to do Lynda will show you how to create some fun and funky bangles! Or decorations,  placemats, the possibilities go on!


Lynda bangles


It’s hard to keep up with Lynda Kinnard, from Wool Week in Harrogate to The Big Textile Show Leicester, she gets around the country demonstrating her amazing textile skills … we’re looking forward to her return to The MAking House.




As well as learning this fantastic rag rug technique the price includes lunch too and since it’s very Autumnal out there we’ll be having a lovely warming lunch of pumpkin soup followed by crumble… yum!

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