Much Fun at Craft Club!

Craft Club is a key part of what we do at The Making House and a high point of my week, where I can relax and play!

It’s about the joy of making and experimenting with new crafts and ideas ….

but most of all, (I think), it’s about community…

it’s about being able to chat, drink tea (or coffee), relax, have fun, share ideas, share our worries, try out new things, learn new skills … all in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

So before we start the New Year I wanted to say a massive

THANK YOU …. to all the Craft Clubbers who make Fridays fun!!!

(Not forgetting our new ladies not featured here)


It’s time to celebrate what we did in 2016!

A big favourite was felting and weaving with Emma

Emma introduced us to new wet felting techniques and this kept us busy for weeks. We finally got around to felting Julia’s bunny keyrings from Japan and many of us then went on to explore the art of needle felting. Looms of all descriptions appeared for the weaving sessions. We then had a brilliant get together at Wingham Wools … a mecca for anyone who’s interested in working with fibres!

I introduced a series of Metal Working sessions

Pewter casting always goes down well and the group created some fantastic pendants and key rings. Embossing was a surprise success with great results; Col seriously took to the technique developing plant pot slug guards, artwork, a box and more

My favourite, was natural dyeing

I enjoyed exploring what can be done with ordinary plants; Emma provided is with the guidance and then we went to town bubbling up rhubarb leaves, onion skins, avocado stones and more. Hubble bubble toil and trouble …it did feel a bit like magic! Thank you Pat, for my awesome natural dyed pillow …what a lovely Birthday Present.

We had fun with the concept of tight pots

Karen and I had wanted to try out this idea for a while. Phinea helped us get the necessary garden stuff together and then we got on with experimenting! A great opportunity to get messy and definitely a time to play. Love Pat’s inventive growing head, I think she’s called ‘Nelly’!

I loved exploring Willow Techniques

I’m no willow expert, but have been using willow as a structural element in my own work, so it was nice to try out a few more traditional ideas. Firstly willow platters inspired by Catalonian designs and then at the end of the year willow angels.

Christmas is a time for sharing!

…. and so it was great that everyone shared ideas for making decorations for Christmas.

Phinea brought in lots of exciting stamping, decoupage and shiny materials for us to have a go with; we made cute reindeers and Christmas tree decorations, gingerbread men designs and lovely natural wood decorations.

Gill put in so much preparation work so that everyone could create their own fabric tree, using gorgeous Christmas fabrics.

Col, came to rescue with wire and bead baubles and then there was a joint effort making mosaic tree decorations. (Thanks Julia for providing the tools to make it possible!)

…And more!

Those were the highlights for me, but we did much more … printing, mad garden chandeliers … the beginning of the year is a blur, so craft clubbers, please remind me if I’ve forgotten anything!

Craft Club is back on Friday 13th January ….

as always 10.30 – 1pm, £5



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