All Ready For The New term!

Wow, it’s nearly September and we’re all ready for a new term of workshops and craft club.

Where did summer go?! Hope you’ve had fun!! I’ve had a great time enjoying the weather and sorting out the garden here at The making House.

Anyway, it’s a new term and I’m full of new term resolutions; first up is to remember to post on this blog, the second is to keep The Making House a little more tidy and organised. Let’s see how it goes!!


Last week I decided it was time to give the workshop space a serious tidy and put up some new cupboards so that we can all find tools when we need them. I even re-painted the floor!

The Making House is my personal studio as well as workshop space and therefore if you pop in it may not look like this … Some days it’s erupting with plastic bags, other days it’s filled with tubs of concrete, paper pulp, splat boxes; it may be home to giant fish, feet, fruit or if you’re lucky I’ll be studiously soldering away at some jewellery. But for now it looks quirky, but professional and all ready for the next set of workshops 🙂

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